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Not Posting At These Times Is Loosing You Clicks

Not Posting At These Times Is Loosing You Clicks

  Social Media   0 Comments   September 19, 2018   Holly Bernard

Why monitoring post time is so important for your business social media pages

You may think the main importance of posting on social media is simply getting the posts out there but the actual time you post it can have a massive effect on the success of them. There are certain times of the day that statistics show to be the best for reaching as many people as possible and while it is a good idea to try these you should also test others as it will depend on your audience and the times they are online.

In order to find out what the best time to post is for your business you should schedule your posts. Since you don't know already to start off with it's a good idea to take a guess at what times you think are the most successful, the best way to do this would be to look at past posts and at what times the ones with the most responses were at. Then put your next few posts a=out at those particular times. You can then use an analytical tool such as hoot suite to monitor your posts and test them over a period of time, for example, a few weeks. After this, from the analytics, you should be able to see the most popular times to post based on the success of the ones put out and then schedule future ones for these times.

If you don't have any previous posts to go off or your posts aren't getting very good engagement levels to start with you should schedule your next posts according to these statistics. Research shows the best times to post on these social media sites is:

  • Facebook - 1pm
  • Twitter - 5-6pm
  • Instagram - 5-6pm
  • LinkedIn - 8-9am

By testing these times out and measuring the success of the posts and trying some of your own will help to form your analysis and then you can go from there as to what the best times are so far and then testing them against others until you find the times where your posts are getting the highest performance.

Not only is the time important for posting but the day in which you put them out on also has an effect on the success of them and the amount of people they are likely to reach. The times above are the general best times to post however, they can differ depending on the day, see below for the best days and what time to post on each to make sure your posts get the best possible engagement rates.

Statistics show these are the best times to post on social media and on what days:

  • Facebook
    • Wednesday 12-1pm
    • Thursday 1-2pm
  • Instagram
    • Wednesday 3pm
    • Thursday 3-4pm
    • Friday 5am
  • Twitter
    • Friday 9-10am
  • LinkedIn
    • Wednesday 3-5pm

Much like the times you should also test the days as well as look at the days in which your previous posts have done the best and test these as well. After a few weeks of testing, whatever analytical tool you use should be able to tell you, which is your best performing day/s. Therefore, you can work with a combination of the best time and day and improve the engagement of your posts and the overall success of them.


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