AIM Suite

The Premier Analytics software incorporates a small, discreet camera, mounted within our transparent screens. This uses facial detection technology to allow you to collate demograhics of the consumers age, gender & viewing time.

This solution provides vital data and statistics from the information collated, giving accurate feedback. Using "real-time" data collection, consumer results can be viewed instantly, which allows you to reflect or respond to any changes and increase the success to a particular advertisment.

The Premier Analytics Suite can tailor and target the adverts or campaigns being displayed on the screen, based on the consumer demographics and the cirteria they meet. This can be determined from your own results or with the help of the Premier EPOS team.

Accuracy of the Software

Once the software detects a direct view, which lasts more than 3 seconds, it automatically analyses the audience using facial detection software.
Working only with direct views, this significantly reduces false data readings through for example; general passing footfall.

Software Data Categories

Age - Child, Teenager, Young Adult, Older Adult, Senior
Gender- Male or Female
Viewing Time - in Seconds and Minutes
The Analytics Suite is incorporated into a Transparent Display Unit, however you can choose to Purchase the Transparent Displays without the Suite.